Modern Dance Styles


One of the more popular types of street dancing is breakdancing, a style which involves the elaborate use of moves and techniques that involve placing the body in positions that are difficult to hold, combined with techniques that include spinning the body. There are numerous sub-types of breakdancing, although many are employed simultaneously during a breakdance performance. It is typical for breakdancing to be performed to electronic music, particularly hip-hop, and while its popularity has declined since its first invention, it nevertheless remains a popular style for any street dancer to have at their disposal.

It was primarily developed by black youths in the early 1970s, who grew up in poorer neighbourhoods where there was little entertainment available. The style became very popular during the 1980s and became an essential part of the hip-hop scene in general. The practitioners often formed together semi-professional groups who would compete with other crews to show off their skills. These friendly competitions eventually became more and more structured and have been the basis for many films. At many dance studios around the world, breakdancing is offered as a course for students to learn.

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