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    Using Rugs In Dance Performances

    It is common for amateur dancers to use a bare set when performing for the general public. The main reason for this is that it keeps eyes squarely on them. However, good stage design actually enhances the entire show. Rugs are particularly useful. These can be purchased from the website Trend Carpet. The director can utilise them for dance productions in several ways. Matching Costume Colours The dancers will be wearing stage clothes that denote their character. The director may choose sisal rugs from Trend Carpet in the same colours as the costumes. If they do then there will be…

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    The 70s Are Back! – Dance and Fashion

    The 70s was a decade like no other. A time of workers’ strikes, gains for women’s rights, great music and dance moves, and the exaggerated street fashion. There was a tremendous variety of music genres and sub-genres that became popular…

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    Dancing for Health

    There are many things that anyone can do to enhance their health. The obvious is a good diet and exercise. But added to this list of powerful resources is dance. It can have many benefits for health and for all…

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    Guide to Choosing a Dance Studio

    So, you want to learn how to dance? One of the question that most people who want to start dancing always ask is where they can take their classes. There are many dance studios, and it can be challenging when…

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    Artistic Wallpaper Designs and Dance

    It is well-known that dancing is a form of artistic expression. It is a way of expressing yourself and of creating a feeling of wellbeing which promotes good health. However, art covers many forms and is also a way of…

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    Top Four Reasons Why Dance Classes Are Essential

    Nowadays, dancing is recommended for everyone, regardless of their age or occupation. People have discovered that the activity comes with countless benefits. If you have some free time on your hands, consider taking dance classes. Here are four main reasons…

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    Anna Pavlova

    Ballet dancer Anna Pavlova was born on the 12th of February, 1881, in St. Petersburg during the time of the Russian Empire. She was a ballerina who pe

  • Classical Dance Styles


    The allemande is a dance which originates from Germany and was developed during the Renaissance in the Baroque musical era. For an extended period, th

  • Modern Dance Styles


    One of the more popular types of street dancing is breakdancing, a style which involves the elaborate use of moves and techniques that involve placing