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Dancing for Health

There are many things that anyone can do to enhance their health. The obvious is a good diet and exercise. But added to this list of powerful resources is dance. It can have many benefits for health and for all ages or gender.

The Physical Benefits

The physical benefit is easy to understand. No matter what form of dancing is being carried out, it requires the movement of many different parts of the body to complete each step. This movement alone helps to increase blood circulation to help nourish the body. It keeps the body limber, so mobility is enhanced. Then faster dancing helps to increase the heart rate, which is good for cardio health. For those who are wanting to lose some weight, dancing helps to burn calories and fat.

For Mental Health

There are as many benefits from dancing for mental health as there are for physical well being. This can be applicable to all age groups. Studies have been performed in young girls who are struggling with depression and anxiety. It found that those girls involved in dance classes enjoyed a more positive mood. What was even more interesting is that the positive benefits realised during the dance classes lasted for about eight months after the lessons ended.

For seniors, some may think that dance is no longer appropriate; however, this is far from the truth. Seniors can enjoy dancing just as much as any other age group. They may have to modify their dance moves to accommodate their mobility, but this does not decrease the benefits they will receive from this activity. It can help with their cognitive skills, and it gives them a way to socialise. It can also help to prevent muscle weakness which is something they want to avoid as long as possible.

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