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Using Rugs In Dance Performances

It is common for amateur dancers to use a bare set when performing for the general public. The main reason for this is that it keeps eyes squarely on them. However, good stage design actually enhances the entire show. Rugs are particularly useful. These can be purchased from the website Trend Carpet. The director can utilise them for dance productions in several ways.

Matching Costume Colours

The dancers will be wearing stage clothes that denote their character. The director may choose sisal rugs from Trend Carpet in the same colours as the costumes. If they do then there will be increased consistency between the stage and the performers. If using the exact same hue does not work then they could instead choose different colours that look great together.

Creating Mood

The design of the stage helps to set the scene. It creates a specific mood before the dance has even begun. The best sets inform the audience of how they should feel. The right rug can certainly achieve this effect. Factors to consider include the colour, texture, shape and size of the rug. The first thing the director needs to do is decide what they want to communicate to the viewers. They can then start their search for the most effective floor d├ęcor.

Inspiring The Dance Itself

Many troupes create a dance routine from scratch. In order to do so they will need inspiration. They might look at a rug and ask themselves how it makes them feel. These emotions can then form the core of the entire show. Each member of the group might have a different reaction to the rug. They can all bring their own creative ideas into the production.

Taking Rest Breaks

Whilst rehearsing it is common for dancers to get tired. Breaks are important. However, if the person leaves the stage area it can waste valuable time. Instead they could sit on a rug located on the stage. Trend Carpet has ones that provide a high level of comfort.

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